Spring Summer

Flor De Liz Guior - Designer dresses


Chained Harness

Omg love these pieces! Do you have more harnesses? I actually wore a belt of yours as a top.

Amanza Smith, Selling Sunset, Realtor + Interior Decorator @amanzasmith
The Beatrix Jacket

I've never had so many people stop me or ask about a jacket so much before! It's every time I wear it!! I'm sooo in love with this coat!

Hannah Linderman, Realtor + Model @hannah_linderman
High-Slit Dress in Obsidian Black

I cannot wait to wear this at iHeart Radio! Your dress may remain my fave of all time!

Meghan King, Real Housewives of Orange County @meghanking
The Beatrix Bra

You both are just so awesome and talented, we gotta get everyone to know you!!!!

Alexandria Beauregard @alexxaanndria

If anyone wants something perfectly created and crafted by a team that truly works with what you want and your ideas, this is the place!

Zienna Sonne, Model @ziennasonne


Designer hand-made, timeless, and edge-worthy styles that empower you to stand out, feel more confident, and express your passion. When you wear FDL, you'll Never Be Forgotten™.

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