The FDL Story

Flor de Liz Guior: CEO / Co-Founder

          Bold, elegant, and sultry - these are reflections of FDL’s co-founder and CEO, Flor de Liz Guior. Being the head of the award-winning company, Flor de Liz has shown a passion and love for clothing and for being authentic to herself. An artist at heart, she understands that being an individual means embracing who you are. Guior’s desire to marry passion with purpose ultimately led her to create innovative designs that are twists on classic silhouettes.

          Flor de Liz balances many aspects of the fashion house, from technical design to day-to-day operations in the atelier. She designs the garments and works intimately in the atelier with the FDL team, crafting and fine-tuning each garment until it is perfect, seeing the most minute details come together. Her strong determination yet nurturing presence brings a strong sense of femininity to the designs, and this visionary outlook has helped FDL grow into a successful and admirable brand.

          Guior's approach to design starts close at home — she sees her design aesthetic as a manifestation of herself — elegant yet seductive. It is this passion that translates into artful, timeless pieces. Flor de Liz’s collections are created using luxurious fabrics and intricate details that add depth to her designs and speak truth to her and her Spanish descent. She has helped define FDL and has created a brand that empowers women to express themselves and stand out from the crowd.



Jack-Peter Guior: CMO / Co-Founder

          Jack-Peter Guior is an award-winning fashion and leather designer with unrivaled dedication and tireless spirit to his craft. Jack-Peter has become an unparalleled figure since joining in 2019.

          His admirable contributions to FDL have helped the company stand out. From photography to design, he has redefined sensuality with his daring aesthetic and more mature look, adding class to risque’. From our love of black to the exquisite cut of our garments and leather goods, Jack-Peter has made his mark on the company, helping push the limits of design. The influence of his daring personality can be seen and felt throughout the company, from our branding to the imagery and even our newly constructed showroom.

          Jack-Peter introduced us to leather manufacturing, making our designs more luxurious and giving us a unique edge that sets us apart from others. With him as our CMO and leather goods designer, we have developed an eye for detail that is sought after by fashion lovers around the world.



Behind the Brand

          Flor De Liz Guior (FDL) wears a specific aesthetic that fills a clear appetite: clothing with a balance of class and poise with sensuality and eroticism. This equilibrium shows what it is like to be comfortable with who you are and embrace what makes you unique.

          Flor de Liz and Jack-Peter Guior have created a unique and innovative fashion house. CEO, Flor de Liz, brings her entrepreneurial spirit and determination in building the business, while CMO, Jack-Peter, brings his years of creative expertise. They have created a successful aesthetic by combining the sensuality of feminine styles with the edge of masculinity. Both founders infuse their designs with a lavish elegance that many appreciate.

          The cuts, colors, and fabrics are chosen with an eye for perfection and thought for the lifestyle of today's woman. Each garment is produced in small quantities and in limited editions to maintain exclusivity and follow a slow fashion model; as a result, the house provides impeccable tailoring, cutting and a unique style that straddles the line between power and seduction.

          FDL believes it's important to hold dear what makes you feel confident, powerful, sexy, and above all…genuine. At Flor De Liz Guior, you'll Never Be Forgotten.™



Rebranding Story

          Founded in 2018, FDL was created to fulfill a purpose: to make high-quality clothes with an edgy feminine touch. However, FDL's co-founder Flor de Liz never felt fully invested in the aesthetic, as it felt safe and never really fit her persona.

          After Jack-Peter, co-founder and CMO, joined her side in the business, Flor de Liz recognized the taste she was looking for - a creative and beautiful blend of class and sensuality.

          In 2020, the couple recognized that the company no longer fit their newfound aesthetic. So, together, they decided to take the next year to undress and completely redesign the brand from head to toe. The new branding felt keener on who Flor de Liz and Jack-Peter are, having fun and turning heads with the bold, unique style. With a modern aesthetic and a hint of Latin undertones, FDL now stands to express emotions of passion, sensuality, and power.