Welcome to Flor De Liz Guior


Esteemed Guests of the Four Seasons Hotel,


At Flor De Liz Guior our modus vivendi is wearing clothes that help express your truest self. Whether it's our classic lambskin-leather jacket, a blouse that's gentle on your skin, or something a bit more alluring like our corsets and harnesses, there's always something for you to slip into here.


The inspiration for our enticing clothing and leather is a unique victorian-punk aesthetic blended with our Latin influences that truly brings out a side of you that is entrancing, powerful, and sophisticated. Treat yourself to a bit of fun, it feels better in FDL.


When you're wearing Flor De Liz Guior, You'll Never Be Forgotten.



Jack-Peter Guior + Flor de Liz Guior