The Appeal of Bespoke Luxury Design

Bespoke clothing has become increasingly more popular, especially for those looking to add that extra oomph to their look. As one of Las Vegas’ innovative fashion houses, we have had clients contact us to design clothing for a variety of occasions.

Bespoke garments are pieces designed specifically for you, your silhouette, your style, and your special occasion. It usually includes high-end materials and a design that is exclusively made with your lifestyle in mind. This was actually the norm up until the industrial revolution, which allowed for mass production of clothing.

Our Style at FDL

While you can read about the full story of our fashion house, you may wonder what defines our style. Flor De Liz Guior (FDL) was created with the goal of designing clothing that feels bold, elegant, and sultry. Merging them into a bespoke garment is a process that really allows us to engage our personal creativity.

What our clients tend to find is that it is possible to mix class and eroticism in a flattering way that makes a piece comfortable, stylish, and the center of attention.  Particularly, we have fallen in love with the juxtaposition of power and sexuality that is expressed through the merging of leather.

Las Vegas, Nevada, fashion showroom for luxurious women's wear and fashion. Best in Las Vegas for custom / bespoke women's fashion. We have our consultations in our showroom and make everything upstairs, made-to-order, in our atelier, with our team of tailors.

Why Clients Love Bespoke Clothing

There are many benefits for opting to choose bespoke items, particularly for important engagements. The specific reasons for a person’s choice are often as unique as the items we produce. However, here are some of the biggest reasons people love our fashion. 

The Perfect Fit
Every person’s body is unique, which is one of the things that make them so beautiful. This is something mass produced fashion just cannot account for. But with bespoke fashion, your clothing is specifically tailored to your silhouette. 

This means that the fit of bespoke fashion provides you with clothing that is able to highlight your best features. It is also comfortable. The perfect fit means the clothing is designed around your body rather than you trying to make your body fit the clothes.

Quality Material

When it comes to clothing from fashion houses like ours, you can rest assured that the designers are using only the highest quality materials. Not only does this enhance the overall aesthetic but it also makes clothing more durable, meaning bespoke garments are ones that can be a part of your wardrobe for a long time. 

Quality material also brings more possibilities for innovative design. The materials used by FDL allow Flor de Liz to truly emphasize her visions of femininity and seduction while Jack-Peter’s extensive knowledge of leather working allows for the inclusion of a sense of strength that creates a unified feel of empowerment.

Unique Experiences

For many people, the decision to go with bespoke luxury clothing is enhanced by the experience. Since bespoke clothing focuses on tailoring fashion to a person’s form and needs, this means they are at the center of the process. For some, this experience is part of the fun and for others, they let the designers completely design for them.

Working with FDL means that the process revolves around your desires and needs. This includes custom fittings where you get to consult with our designers and FDL tailors. The goal is to produce the perfect item that you will fall in love with while allowing women to embrace their inner strength and eroticism.

One-of-a-Kind Result

Of course, having bespoke clothing designed for you means that the end result is a one-of-a-kind piece. This refers not just to the fit of the item but its ability to reflect your personality! In a world filled with mass produced fashion, this can help you stand out and feel more connected to yourself.

Whether you want a stunning red-carpet outfit, a seductive piece of leather lingerie, an innovative bridal gown, or something else, bespoke garments provide you with something that you will never find on the shelves.

Power fashion couple, Jack-Peter and Flor de Liz, working together in their Las Vegas, NV fashion atelier to create a custom design for a private client for their special event.

Bespoke clothing is no longer exclusive to the realm of celebrities. Feel free and fearless as you express yourself with clothing carefully designed for your silhouette and personality. Take a look at FDL’s spring/summer and autumn/winter styles for a sense of the rugged sexiness of our collections. We are always happy to work with you to create the perfect look for your needs. Contact our team for more information or to schedule a bespoke fitting. 

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